Women in Techno_logy

Women in Techno_logy


Truly humbled to announce that I am working in a very important as well as a historic project, a first of its kind that will be taking place on May 27th, 2018 at the prestigious Banquet hall of Megaron – Athens Concert Hall.  A closing event to the ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival titled “Women in Techno_logy” showcasing a state of the art, audio & visual experience. Dear friend and mastermind behind it all, Spiros Kassimis also known as “Eskaysounds” invited me to join the project, by assembling a concept/art direction package to the first-ever Techno event being held at Megaron Athens Concert Hall.  This package includes the design and identity of the event, in addition, the motion design video ad.  The artists featured in the event include performances of Greek female DJs & producers in the techno scene such as Anna V., DJ Fo, Iokasti & Nek & Rena. While on the visual performance part, I will be handling some segments along with the full performance of Pandelis Diamantidis.

It is an honor, for any artist in the Greek Territory to perform at the Megaron – Athens Concert Hall, and the fact that this is the second time in my career, to art direct such project, this is exciting yet, strongly emotional because of the seriousness and influence of this crucial event.

Event Tickets: https://webtics.megaron.gr/el/events/?eventid=2038&showid=4291#4291
Full coverage and photos of the event coming soon.

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