Thrill Over Fear Film Selections

Thrill Over Fear Film Selections

U.S. Territory

Film festival selections are finally in, nothing but humbled and overwhelmed to announce that “Thrill Over Fear” has had success in various categories and festivals starting from the U.S. teritory.  The first slection and semi-finalist position as well at the Los Angeles Cinefest 2017 in L.A.  Second, at the Openworld Animation Film Festival 2017 in Pennsylvania.  Third selection and finalist position at Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival 2017, in Canada.  Fourth selection in New Jersey, at the Art All Night Trenton 2017 and lastly a semi-finalist position at the Miami Epic Trailer Festival.


Europe Territory

Poland calling for the Szczecin European Film Festival landing at the POP SEFF Selection category and a finalist position. Winners to be announced in 19th and 23rd October at SEFF’17


Big thank you to the artists “A Flow Mobz” and my amazing team for pulling this task.