official video premiere

Untitled-1 official video premiere

Happy to announce that my work for Gio Melody “Together We’re Better” premiered on 50 Cents’ official blog
A little something to spice up the day about my involvement and collaboration with Gio Melody

Below is an excrept from the article.

Hip Hop / R&B vocalist and producer Gio Melody, collaborates with international art director John Katehis for the premiere of “Together We’re Better” delivering a project that combines musical soundscape and pure visual artform. Boston-based art director John Katehis states.
“When I first heard the track, I knew I had to do a visual for it, it sounded different and very unique from everything else I heard of during that time. It’s the type of track that makes you look up the lyrics to understand the message, there is something really mysterious and subliminal, it’s dark yet it’s blissful.”

“The key here is that the message, all depends on the listeners perspective, making them draw their own conclusions and that I believe is art. All we see now days in music videos, are visuals and scripts that make attempts to look cool, but fail to give any relation to the original lyrics, call me old fashioned but that is absolute nonsense to me.”

“This is my most aesthetically unique project in my career so far, and I am really happy and glad Gio Melody was open and fully trusted me for the execution of the music video. Gio is extremely keen about his sound and production, he doesn’t flock with the artists that are interested in getting social media recognition and youtube views, but instead providing quality music, and that is rare”

John Katehis has worked with various grammy award nominated artists and holds plenty of award nominations under his belt globally. Some of his work includes, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Sheek Louch, The Alchemist, Wyclef, Curren$y, DOPE D.O.D and many more. He is also known as the official art director of H-Class Entertainment, New York-based music label founded by Havoc of Mobb Deep.