Xenia Ghali / Wyclef



Xenia Ghali is a fresh new face in the global club scene. Early on, the Greek-born DJ, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist was inspired by classic Chicago house and veteran Erick Morillo as well as jungle and dubstep. Then, while away at college in the UK, she invested in a couple of secondhand turntables, hit the record store and started spinning vinyl in her dorm room. The rest is history, as she’s evolved from DJing on-stage to producing in the studio.


Earlier this year, she released “Get Dirty,” the follow-up single to her debut release “Broken,” featuring guest vocals from pop icon Wyclef Jean.


Describing her personal point-of-view, she said: “I’m starting to fuse the American and European styles and sounds. I want to engage listeners everywhere while maintaining my identity of having grown up in Greece. For me, it’s all about creating something universal.”

Source: Beatport.com


Director : Sherif Francis
Creative Director: Xenia Ghali
Art Director: Fani Polychroniou
Choreographer : George Ntagiantas
D.P : Nicholas Wise
Editor : Vasilis Tzanis
Visal Effects & CG: John Katehis
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis-Rena Papoutsi
Production Design and Fabrication: AL-KEMYSTYK
U.S Production Management : Michael Stern
Greece Production Management : Dimitris Kolovos



Xenia Ghali


Aprill 1, 2015


Visual Effects Supervisor, Graphic Design