Source Memory

Source Memory 3

Source Memory by Basil O’Glue is the second debut solo album in his career.  I was assigned to deliver visuals that would embody and give visual soul and appeal to this incredible musical journey, tasks include the album art design and the motion design visual sizzles for each track. “A hallmark is all of progressive music, Source Memory is genius of Satuarate Audio’s head honcho in full swing. Full of creative twists and turns, beautiful builds, and mysterious atmospheres, Basil O’Glue proves why he is one of the greatest producers on Earth.”



The Art Approach

The electronically sonic  elements, sound, melodies, and the high energy character throughout the entire album gave room for experimentation of sleek design.  Geometric shapes, holograms, and HUD displays with bright glows and glitches to a green-toned saturated look corresponding to each track, introducing more earth toned aspects, each with its own unique form to retain balance.


Basil O’Glue


June 30, 2020


Art direction, 3D & Motion Design, Graphic Design