A collaboration with the very talented and upcoming artist Orfeas Antoulinakis.
Tasks & deliverables include art direction, styleframes, character design & animation implementation, texturing, lighting, and simulations.


“We do not know the faces of Boombamontana, but we have heard their songs. The mysterious duo with the masks that was introduced to us with the hit “Bunda” (a collaboration with Natasha Kay that exceeded 4 million views and 400,000 streams, while reaching #3 on YouTube Trends and #2 on Shazam, returns with “Circus” which is the official Anthem of the Color Day Festival for 2020. The direction of the impressive 3D animation video of the song is signed by the internationally renowned John Katehis, nominated for Grammy Awards, in collaboration with Orpheus Antulinakis. The production was organized by Crystal View.”


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Written, created and directed by John Katehis
Co-director: Orfeas Antoulinakis
Angel Saft
Production: Crystal View

Written & produced by: Boombamontana
Mix & Mastered by: Boombamontana @ Final Sound Studios


Kiwi Records


Crystal View Production


June 15, 2020


Art direction, Motion design, Animation